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Dental Bridges

Restore missing teeth with dental bridges in Clarksburg, WV

If you’re looking for a durable, realistic replacement option for your missing teeth, All Smiles Dental can help. The dentists at All Smiles Dental offer various replacement options, including dental bridges, that can seamlessly blend with your natural teeth.

How missing teeth affect your health

Teeth replacement is crucial for supporting your oral health. Once a tooth is missing from your arch, your remaining teeth may shift out of position, making them more challenging to keep clean and healthy. It also creates uneven wear and tear on your teeth’ chewing surfaces and adds stress to your jaw joint. Without stimulation from your tooth root, your jaw will begin to shrink, affecting your face’s appearance and increasing your risk for fractures. As you lose more bone mass, chewing and speaking may become difficult and painful.

Dental bridges can restore function to your mouth and help your teeth retain their position. When supported with dental implants, a dental bridge will strengthen your jaw and prevent bone loss. The dentists at All Smiles Dental can evaluate
your condition and help you determine the best replacement option for your smile.

The dental bridge process

Traditional fixed bridges are typically held in place using one or both of the neighboring teeth as abutments. In most cases, the abutment teeth are supported with dental crowns to prevent damage and keep your dental bridge securely in your mouth. Sometimes the bridge itself is created by a dental lab using impressions of your mouth but at All Smiles Dental we make same appointment bridges. Before, the process could take a couple of weeks and you would wear a temporary bridge, but not now. You leave your appointment with your new bridge, ready to smile, eat, and enjoy!

Dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone after your extraction site has had time to heal. Once the implants are in place, they need about 5-6 months to integrate into the bone before supporting the dental bridge. After they have fused to the bone, your dentist will place abutments over the implants and take impressions for the dental lab

to create your bridge.

To learn more about teeth replacement options, contact our office in

Clarksburg, WV, today at 304-623-9188 to schedule a consultation.

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