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CEREC Crowns

Restore your smile with Same-Appointment CEREC Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are commonly used in dentistry to strengthen or protect a weakened or damaged tooth. However, many dental practices require patients to schedule more than one appointment to obtain these “caps” over their teeth. At All Smiles Dental, Drs. Roger Suter and Adam Boustany are excited to offer the latest technology, which allows them to provide same-appointment dental crowns using a particular device known as a CEREC machine. North Central West Virginia area patients who need dental crowns will find that these same-day restorations are just as strong, beautiful, and durable as their conventional lab-created counterparts.

How does CEREC work?

CEREC is a specialized computer system that allows experienced dental providers to offer same-appointment dental crowns to patients. The traditional experience of obtaining a crown requires the patient to make at least two appointments. In the first appointment, the dentist prepares the tooth by removing a portion of its natural enamel. Then, messy impressions and molds are made and sent to the lab, along with color samples and specific aesthetic instructions. The patient is provided with a temporary crown that is bonded in place. After a few weeks, the patient would need to return to the office to have the temporary removed and the lab-created crown bonded in place.

With CEREC, digital impressions of the prepared tooth are made and sent through special software to a milling machine that creates the new crown out of a block of porcelain that matches the patient’s natural tooth color. Within 40 minutes or less, the final restoration is ready to be bonded in place, allowing patients to avoid future appointments and eliminating the need for placing a temporary crown in the meantime.

Are you ready for same-day restorations?

If you are looking for a provider that offers same-day dental crowns “near me,” we encourage you to call Drs. Roger Suter and Adam Boustany of All Smiles Dental in Clarksburg, WV, to find out more. Our office is located at 2017 East Pike Street and can be reached at 304-623-9188 to book a consultation.

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